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Bump Fire Stocks men's t-shirt


Designer: MORE BIGLY


Profits from the sale of this t-shirt will be donated (after expenses) to any worthy cause or group that seeks to protect bump stocks or similar concept devices or threatened triggers.


We disagree with the NRA, but stand with GOA and firearm accessories manufacturers. A grossly unconstitutional regulation made by the ATF due to an emotional reaction to the terrorist shooting tragedy in Las Vegas that killed 59 is totally unacceptable.

The greatest threat American citizens face is not terrorism.  If we use the 20th century as an example, there were approximately 18,000 people killed by terrorists worldwide.  During this same time period, there were approximately 262,000,000 innocent disarmed citizens murdered by a Big Government system, and almost exclusively a Leftist government system.

After examining the evidence, which death count is bigger, 262 million or 18 thousand?  It should be clear from history that Leftist Big Government systems are the greatest threat to human rights, being far more dangerous than terrorism. 

If the ATF attempts to undermine freedom and liberty, they become a despised federal bureaucracy that desecrates the graves of the 59 killed in the Las Vegas shooting, as if they had died for nothing.  These lives were lost due to the risks that exist by having a unique freedom in America, which is guaranteed to the American people specifically by constitutional recognition of natures law for the right to self defense.  This includes the right to self defense from a tyrannical Big Government system that may come to exist in the near future.

If we take the 262 MILLION innocent disarmed citizens murdered by their own Big Government in the 20th century, that gives us an average daily death count of nearly 7,200 murders per day.  Which daily death count is bigger, the 59 people killed in Las Vegas, or nearly 7,200 killed by Big Government?  We can now see that even if the American people experienced a Las Vegas style terrorist mass shooting every single day, there is still no comparison to the future risk of Big Government death counts under a collectivist tyranny.

The ATF did not make any mistakes in their previous understanding of the law.  Please respectfully communicate with the ATF in support of their previously correct classification of various devices to be unregulated parts or accessories, and not machineguns or machinegun conversion devices as defined in section 5845(b) of the NFA or section 921(a)(23) of the GCA.  

Also feel free to send a "More Bigly Bump Fire" t-shirt to your favorite politician as a reminder that this is still America.  Any sacrifice for countless lives that are preserved under freedom in the long term, should never be swayed by emotions from a tragic or terrible moment.


Fruit of the Loom brand model 3931 unisex t-shirt, printed in the U.S.A.

  • Made from 100%  preshrunk cotton for a great fit and minimal shrinkage
  • 5-ounces of high density fabric
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder tape
  • Double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem
  • Double-needle overstitched seamless 1x1 ribbed collar crewneck

*Image shown may not match actual product exactly.  Please expect delivery to take 2-3 weeks as we continue ramping up production and new inventory fulfillment.  Thank you for your patience!

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